Harborfields Celebrates Homecoming 2016


Students, families, faculty and administrators celebrated homecoming 2016 with a parade and football game against the Rocky Point Eagles on Oct. 8. The parade started at the Harborfields Public Library where students gathered and prepared their floats for the route to Harborfields High School.

Every grade level at the high school decorated their own float based on a holiday theme. The students paraded down the streets of Greenlawn with the varsity cheerleaders leading the way on a firetruck. The cheerleaders threw candy to onlookers as they passed, while the junior varsity cheerleaders and Oldfield Middle School cheerleaders followed close behind.

The Harborfields High School marching band and kickline made their way down the street with the grade-level floats behind them. Homecoming King Koby Cordova and Queen Jessica Martino rode on the senior float as they posed for pictures and waved.

Superintendent of Schools Diana Todaro took part in the parade festivities with Deputy Superintendent Dr. Francesco Ianni before heading to the high school for the football game. This would be the last homecoming for Todaro before her retirement this January. “I have such heartfelt memories of all the years that I’ve been here,” she said. “Today it brought tears to my eyes to think that it is my last one but I know that the tradition will continue here in Harborfields.”

After the parade, the community packed the stands at James T. Brennan Memorial Field for the homecoming game. During halftime, the varsity cheerleaders entertained with their spirited routine, the marching band performed with the kickline and students from the various grades competed in a dance competition.

Halftime ended with a special thank you and appreciation send off for Michael Potter, the head football coach for the Harborfields Tornadoes from 2001-2015. Potter took the field with Principal Timothy Russo, coaches, his former football players and his family standing by his side. He was thanked in front of the community for his strong impact as a football coach and for his years of dedication to the team.

While the game ended with a loss for the Harborfields Tornadoes, it did not dampen the spirit of the day which was filled with laughs, cheers and support from the community.