Students Spread Kindness While Honoring Teacher


Oldfield Middle School students participated in World Kindness Day on Nov. 10 by honoring beloved teacher Pamela Long, who passed away in 2014. World Kindness Day is celebrated every November to encourage individuals to perform acts of kindness and show support for one another.

The building was decorated by students and staff in celebration of the day. This was the first group of students at Oldfield Middle School to never know Long. Students created origami cranes and butterflies and hung them in the library in her memory. They also handed them out to their peers and teachers throughout the day to show kindness.

The school also created a wall titled The “Long” Wall of Honor, which was filled with quotes from teachers who wrote why Long was the epitome of kindness.

Librarian Judy Boshnack remembers Long for her warmth and the love she shared with others.

“Just like Pam spread kindness and sunshine wherever she went, I feel like these students have caught the bug and now are spreading their own kindness throughout the school with their butterflies and cranes,” she said. “It really is a great tribute to her. If the students hear the stories about her, maybe it will stay forever in their hearts like she is always forever in our hearts.”