Varsity Wrestling Team Recognizes Alumni

Varsity Wrestling Team Recognizes Alumni
The Harborfields High School Varsity Wrestling team recently held its first “HF Wrestling Alumni Night,” during a match against Deer Park. Organized and coordinated in the spring of 2016 by Hall of Fame Inductee and former successful HF wrestler Jim Abbott (Class of 1977), along with varsity assistant coach Matt Bilello, the evening far exceeded expectations.

The packed Harborfields gym was filled with former wrestlers and coaches who reminisced of old days and the memories made with each other. Each of the alumni wrestlers were recognized during an intermission in the match and called down from the stands to a rocking applause from the home crowd.  Alumni from all around attended the event, traveling from as far as Colorado. They spanned the years of 1969 to 2016. Many of the former wrestlers currently live in the community, having proudly returned to their alma mater.  

The wrestling match itself proved to be a nail biter. Deer Park had jumped out to a heavy lead early on in the match but the Tornadoes ultimately defeated Deer Park 42-35.  It was a special evening all around for the current team to honor and pay homage to the wrestlers preceding them who had laid the foundation of success, discipline and commitment to the sport of wrestling. The alumni joined the team in the cafeteria following the match for goodies prepared by the parents of the wrestlers.

“Congratulations to the wrestling team and the many HF Wrestling Alumni for coming out to cheer on the team and rekindle old stories of their days as a Harborfields wrestler,” said Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics Mr. John Valente.

Alumni in Attendance:
Coach John Szokoli- Head Coach 1970-1995
Pete Barros- Class of 69’
Gary Gardner-Class of 77’
Jim Abbott-Class of 77’
Chet Knapp- Class of 77’
Charles Fiorentino- Class of 77’
Bob Mazur- Class of 77’
Gary Abbott- Class of 78’
Joe Franza- Class of 79’
Douglas O’Connor- Class of 79’
Michael Meehan- Class of 80’
Glenn O’Connor- Class of 82’
Matt Gribbin- Class of 96’
Tom Boccard- Class of 99’
Corey Gribbin- Class of 99’
Kevin Gribbin- Class of 00’
Ben Deem- Class of 13’
Thomas Boyd- Class of 13’
Alex Reilly- Class of 15’
Tommy Lange- Class of 15’
Nick Malico- Class of 15’
Hunter Cuthbertson- Class of 16’
James Tully- Class of 16’