Rock n’ Read

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This year, the students of Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School took part in the Parents as Reading Partners (PARP) Rock n’ Read celebration, which kicked off with an interactive assembly. During the program, Assistant Principal Jordan Cox, dressed as guitarist Slash of Guns n’ Roses, played Guitar Hero with students and sang “I Love Rock n’ Read” to the familiar tune of “I Love Rock n’ Roll.”

Students made a pledge to read with parents at home every day. They also participated in fun in-school activities such as Guest Reader Day, during which guests visited the classrooms and read, Wear Red Day to honor Reading Every Day, and D.E.A.R Day (Drop Everything And Read). During D.E.A.R. Day, students carried a book with them all day and stopped to read when they were signaled to at an undisclosed time. The celebration of reading concluded with the Scholastic Book Fair.