Greek Mythology Comes to Life

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As part of their Greek Mythology unit, Oldfield Middle School students in Jennifer Klein’s sixth-grade social studies class presented their Greek God projects in a show-stopping fashion to their classmates on Feb. 28.

Each student was assigned a Greek God or Goddess to research and with the help of their peers, were asked to make up a dance move to represent their figure’s power.

Students dressed the part in togas, wigs, fake beards and flower crowns. The assignment also involved each student bringing in a prop and poster with their research findings, including a comic strip of a myth relating to their god or goddess.

The presentation, known as the “Mount Olympus Strut,” allowed the students to perform their dance moves with the help of their group members and educate their classmates on what they learned by showing off their posters.

“It was fun,” said sixth-grader Stephanie Ries. “It was funny to see everyone dressed up and dancing.”