A Celebration of Languages

A Celebration of Languages Photo

Students throughout Oldfield Middle School celebrated Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Week from March 6-10 in an effort to learn more about other cultures.

Each day of the week had a specific theme and students dressed in corresponding colors. The school celebrated USA Day, Spanish Day, Heritage Day, Italian Day and French Day with different lessons and activities. 

During Spanish Day on March 7, Sol y Sombra Dance Company visited seventh and eighth-grade Spanish classes to educate students on Latin dances. Led by dancer Maria Loreta, the students learned the history of Spanish dance and had the opportunity to practice some moves with and without partners. 

On March 9, Italian classes experienced an abundance of culture during the school’s Italian Day. The Coro d’Italia visited featuring Marilou Romano and her performers to teach Italian language, culture and tradition to sixth, seventh and eighth-graders. During a hands on presentation, students had the opportunity to handle percussion instruments and perform traditional dancing. Romano also dressed students up in folk costumes from the 19th century.

In addition, Tenor singer, Vincent Ricciardi, serenaded students with renditions of “O sole mio” and other Italian classics. Students were able to hear songs played on the Italian bagpipe and the accordion.

During French Day on March 10, sixth-grade French students were visited by the Harborfields High School French Club where they played French games together in an engaging way to review topics such as foods, numbers and everyday phrases. Seventh and eighth-grade French classes also learned about French Impressionism and created their own artwork using oil pastels.