A Slice of “How-To” Knowledge

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Kindergarten students at Washington Drive Primary School recently invited Superintendent of Schools Dr. Francesco Ianni into the classroom as part of their “How-To” lesson. 

Kindergarteners in Melissa Moccaldi and Maria Semertzides’ class and in Cari Sacks and Melissa Ortiz’s class worked on writing “How-To” stories in their Writing Workshops. As a culminating activity to their writing unit, the students wanted to learn how to make pizza and Dr. Ianni did the honors. 

Originally from Italy, Dr. Ianni worked in a pizzeria for several years when he first arrived in the U.S. During the lesson, he taught the students how to make pizza, while they followed along and created their own out of Play-Doh. 

“The students enjoyed getting their hands dirty and now have their own pizza as a memento for the lesson,” said Moccaldi. “Seeing Dr. Ianni toss the pizza dough in the air was a favorite part for many of the students.”