First-Graders Tackle STEAM Challenges

First-Graders Tackle STEAM Challenges Photo

First-grade students in Melinda O’Donoghue class at Washington Drive Primary School participated in their first ever “Maker Mayhem” event on May 31. Family members were invited to the event which focused on STEAM challenges, enabling the students to work together to create new ideas.

The class prepared by working on STEAM challenges throughout the school year. During the event, six teams of four students worked with one or two family volunteers to successfully accomplish a challenge of their choice. O’Donoghue gave the teams several options to choose from including the challenge of creating something you can wear, creating an instrument, creating an object that floats, creating a building or shelter, creating an object to play with and creating an object that can move. 

Each student had a worksheet where they first planned out their designs and ideas. Afterwards, they worked with their teammates to find the right materials for their creations. They worked with supplies such as recycled water bottles, boxes, Legos, construction paper, glue sticks, tape, pipe cleaners and more. 

They problem solved and constructed their designs together. O’Donoghue timed the students and upon completion, each team shared their creations. They shared what challenges they faced and what they ultimately came up with. 

“I hope that the students learned the importance of perseverance and flexibility with these challenges,” said O’Donoghue. “Also, a better understanding of how to put things together when you sometimes have to approach things in a different way.