Exceptional Earth Science Students

Exceptional Earth Science Students Photo
Four Oldfield Middle School students recently earned top spots in the National Science Olympiad, a science trivia contest offered in a variety of categories. The four eighth-graders participated in the Earth Science category and received first and second place among all participating schools across the country.  

Ryan Cook was named a first place winner in the contest, while Cameron Best, Eric Dombrower and Evan Mock were named second place winners. Oldfield Middle School also had the highest combined score among all participating schools in the Earth Science category. The combined score was the sum of the top 10 scorers in the school and were made up of the first and second place winners, as well as students Ryan Armstrong, Kimberly DeSantis, Ty Ellenbogen, Jenna Forestiero, Emma Hardwick, Theodore Krijnse Locker, Mia Kushner and Jacky Xie.

The students prepared for the contest under the guidance of their Earth Science teachers Phyllis Hoar and Karen Fisher and medals were presented to the first and second place winners. Principal Joanne Giordano will receive an award bearing all the top scorers' names in honor of the school’s high combined score.