Campers Explore the Wizarding World

Campers Explore the Wizarding World Photo

It was a magical week for the 20 Harborfields students who took part in Harborfields Alumni and Community Educational Foundation’s first “Harry Potter Camp: Bringing Magic to Muggles,” from July 24-27.

The new four-day camp was part of HACEF’s Summer Programs, which allows students in the district to enroll in a variety of different camps that fit their interests over the summer. Run by instructor Dyan Aronowsky, “Harry Potter Camp: Magic to Muggles,” focused on the beloved books by J. K. Rowling. Students in grades three through six, had the opportunity to take part in the camp and put themselves in the magical world of Harry Potter. 

During the first day, each camper was placed in one of the four houses from the books – Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Just like in the story, the Sorting Hat picked their fate as they were assigned a house. Over the course of the four days, the campers were encouraged to dress the part as a Hogwarts student and participated in a variety of fun activities that correlated with the books. 

They decorated their own trunks which they filled with their creations throughout the week, produced potions and learned magic tricks. In addition, the campers constructed wands, created maps, made dragon embryos out of slime, played match games which tested their Harry Potter knowledge, took part in scavenger hunts and even played Quidditch outside. 

Quidditch was a favorite part for many of the campers as they enjoyed riding their broomsticks made out of pool noodles and competing for points toward their house. Just like in the books, the campers could gain points for accomplishing different tasks or behaving properly. The list included listening to others, punctuality, respectful behavior, helping others, cleaning up, volunteering, camp spirit and participation. 

On the final day of camp, the house of Gryffindor was crowned the winner of the Hogwarts House Cup, followed by Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Newsday published a photo from the last day of camp in their issue last Friday. Be sure to check it out!