Sewing Workshop Brings Students Together One Stitch at a Time

Sewing Workshop Brings Students Together One Stitch at a Time Photo thumbnail80232

Before the start of the new school year, 16 incoming K-5 students took part in the Stuffed Creature Workshop, the final camp session of HACEF’s (Harborfields Alumni and Community Educational Foundation) Summer Camp Program from Aug. 21-24.

Led by Keri Puglisi from EmmaLoops Craft Studio, students gathered at Harborfields High School to explore hand sewing techniques and create their own stuffed animals, pillows and creatures. The four-day camp consisted of learning how to cut, pin and hand sew their custom designs while adding different embellishments like buttons and beads. With the help of two incoming seventh-graders and two 11th-graders, each student had the opportunity to create as many stuffed objects as they wanted, while making friendships along the way. 

“I like sewing little animals and things,” said incoming fourth-grader Lia Calderone. “I haven’t sewed in a while so I’m now remembering how to do it again.” 

This was the first year that HACEF invited Puglisi into the summer program as a way to enhance the program with two new creative sessions for students to enjoy. In addition to the Stuffed Creature Workshop, Puglisi taught a four-day knitting camp at the end of July.  

"Keri's ability to teach sewing and knitting skills to a wide age range of children is unusual,” said HACEF Camp Co-Director Emma Hendler. "She is a great addition to the HACEF summer camp program.”