New Faces at Harborfields

New Faces at Harborfields photo
An orientation for all new teachers was held on Aug. 29 at the high school. The purpose of the orientation was to acclimate new staff to the policies and procedures of the district, as well as the community and the culture of the surrounding area.
During the day, teachers got to know each other and worked closely with administrators on some new technological initiatives that Harborfields is implementing. 

Each new teacher was given a mentor to ensure success during his/her first year and onward into the future. They were also encouraged take part in workshops for professional development beginning in the fall, covering topics from emotional health and mindfulness to being technologically savvy.

“We want this transition to be as smooth as possible,” commented Executive Director for Instructional Services Jordan Cox. “We want them to know what the district’s expectations are, but also to feel at home and a part of our family here at Harborfields.”