Learning to “be yourself” at Washington Drive

Learning to “be yourself” at Washington Drive photo
Learning to “be yourself” at Washington Drive photo 2
Learning to “be yourself” at Washington Drive photo 3

On Sept. 7, students at Washington Drive Primary School attended their first “Character Counts” assembly of the year. These assemblies, held by grade level, have grown in frequency over the past few years, and positive results have shown through in students’ behaviors. This month’s iteration focused on encouraging students to be themselves.

Assistant Principal Tara Falasco led the assembly and started it off with reading a book by Linda Kranz entitled “You Be You” to students. Many knew the book, and repeated lines along with her. 

“We all have something special that only we can share,” Falasco encouraged the students, “so when someone is different than you, should you ever judge them?”

Students responded with a resounding “no.” 

She then went over the building rules, reminding the children that these rules were not new to them, and that they were to be good examples for their peers. 

“Why do we have rules in place here at the school?” Falasco asked the second-grade assembly, and called on a student. 

“To keep everyone safe,” the second-grader sagely answered.

Falasco then covered the school-wide incentives to promote good behavior. The “cafetorium contest” rewards students who follow the rules, and the star stickers they receive go towards a prize for the best-behaved table. Students also are given the opportunity to be showcased each month on the “Character Tree” for exemplifying good character, such as acceptance, bravery, or honesty.