Honoring veterans at Thomas J. Lahey

Honoring veterans at Thomas J. Lahey photo
Honoring veterans at Thomas J. Lahey photo 2
For the first two weeks of the academic year at Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School in the Harborfields Central School District, fifth-graders wrote letters to World War II and Korean conflict veterans — specifically those participating in the Honor Flight, taking place on Sept. 23. 

The Honor Flight is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide veterans with honor and closure by raising funds and helping them visit the memorials in Washington D.C. that are dedicated to their service. 

This letter-writing project was set into motion by Principal Susan Kenny, who wanted the students to understand the importance of showing veterans appreciation for their sacrifice and bravery.
"Writing letters to our veterans provides an opportunity for students to thank those who fought for the freedom that we have today,” Kenny remarked. “I hope our WWII and Korean War service men and women who are taking the Honor Flight are touched by our students’ sentiments.”

Students took time to reflect on the sacrifices made by servicemen in Sharon Wechsler’s technology class, and many of them crafted touching letters for these veterans. 

A fifth-grader named Henry from Barry Taylor’s class wrote a touching letter to thank a veteran for his service, explaining that he now knows not all heroes wear capes. 

“Now I realize that all heroes do one thing, and that one thing is to save and protect. And that is definitely what you did,” Henry wrote. “I’m so grateful for you being so brave and for fighting for this country.”