Science You CAN Do at Home

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Science You CAN Do at Home photo 2
On Oct. 20, Washington Drive Primary School welcomed special guest Steve “The Dirtmeister” Tomecek. 

Tomecek, who has written over 45 nonfiction books for teachers and children and hosted a science radio show, is a scientist who specializes in geomorphology and soils. Tomecek visits the district multiple times a year to get kids excited about science, and likes to show students that there is science you can do at home.

“People call me The Dirtmeister, but recently someone asked me if it’s because I eat dirt,” he told a group of second graders, who all looked at him expectantly. “No, I don’t eat dirt! But most of the things I study you can find in the dirt.”

For this lesson, Tomecek focused on magnets. He explained the history, who discovered them, how they work, and how to even create your own. Calling a student up to the front, he showed the second-graders how strong magnets can be by turning one of their classmates into a magnet. He caused a chain of paperclips to suspend from her open palm, and all the students gasped in excitement. 

Tomecek engaged the students in other fun demonstrations, showing them just how exciting science can be.