Virtual Exploring at Thomas J. Lahey

Virtual Exploring at Thomas J. Lahey photo

On Dec. 8, Google visited Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School to pilot their new Expeditions Augmented Reality technology with the students. This new technology has the ability to map out classrooms, and then place 3D objects throughout the room. While holding devices attached to selfie sticks, students are able to get up close to examine the details of the objects, such as a whale swimming through the ocean, or moss on a tree in the rainforest. Students can also step back to look at the object in its entirety.

Fourth and fifth-grade students traveled to places like the ocean floor, where they saw sunken ships up close, as well as fish and stingrays that swam around their feet. Students also traveled back in time to the era of Leonardo DiVinci, and saw his inventions, such as a flying machine, up close. Students were excited to test Google’s new technology, and are eager to use it again soon!