Students at Oldfield Middle Become Teachers for a Day

Students at Oldfield Middle Become Teachers for a Day photo

Recently, Oldfield Middle School held the 7th Annual Teacher for a Day event, which is run by the school’s Student Government. This year, 43 teachers volunteered to have a student take their place for a day.

To become teachers for a day, students had the opportunity to fill out a raffle ticket, listing three teachers that they would like to be for a day. After students were chosen and assigned a teacher, they met together to prepare a lesson plan.

On Dec. 13, selected students came to school dressed up as their teacher, and prepared to follow the teacher’s schedule as well. Students not only taught the prepared lesson plan, but also took attendance and checked homework.

Social Studies teacher and Student Government advisor Chris Havranek introduced his teacher for the day, Alyah Steinberg, to his class.
“She’s the boss today, not me,” Havranek told them.

Steinberg, and the other participating students, were dressed up almost exactly like their teachers, down to the shirt, tie, and vest.

“It gives them a little taste of what being a teacher would be like,” said Havranek, “and a lot of them enjoy the responsibility of being in charge for a day.”