“Frosted” Windowpanes at Washington Drive

“Frosted” Windowpanes at Washington Drive photo

During the week of Dec. 11, kindergarteners at Washington Drive Primary made gingerbread houses to conclude a string of holiday, gingerbread-themed lessons. Some of the different gingerbread lessons included comparing and contrasting different versions of the gingerbread man story, adding and subtracting different kinds of gingerbread men, and creating their own gingerbread man in disguise.

On Dec. 13, family and loved ones visited the kindergarteners in Ms. Cari Sacks and Ms. Melissa Ortiz’s class to help them make their very own gingerbread houses. Using frosting as glue, marshmallows for snow, and more, students built their houses around milk cartons, cheering in delight every time Ms. Ortiz rang a little silver bell – announcing that it was time to stop and eat a piece of candy, instead of sticking it onto their houses.

When finished, students were proud of their creations, and were excited to bring them home for the holidays!