Collaborating to Create Machines

Collaborating to Create Machines photo

Fifth-grade students at Thomas J. Lahey had the opportunity to be hands-on engineers using Tinkering Labs on Feb. 8.

Tinkering Labs are individual kits that come with ten basic engineering challenges, and over 50 pieces that can be used to complete the challenges. The pieces include an electronic motor, gears, safety goggles, and more. These exercises help reinforce the principles of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) with a fun and engaging twist.

Students in Mrs. Janine Sena’s fifth-grade class were challenged to create a machine that could scramble an egg, and groups excitedly got started right away, bouncing ideas off of one another.

“There’s so much value in students truly collaborating and problem solving together,” said Mrs. Sena. “We give them virtually no direction, and when they finish the task, it’s all them. And they’re proud.”

By the end of the session, every group had created a working machine, and the students were beaming with pride.