Notable Students and Staff Recognized at February Board of Education Meeting

Notable Students and Staff Recognized at February Board of Education Meeting photo

Staff, students and administration were recognized by the Board of Education for honors and noteworthy achievements and distinctions on Feb. 14.

Harborfields High School was named a Reward School for the 2017-18 school year for the third year in a row, and principal Tim Russo and assistant Christopher Patronaggio were recognized for their hard work in making this award a reality.

“This prestigious award didn’t happen by accident,” said Dr. Ianni, “this is the work of the entire district and the dedication of our high school administration, and it’s a huge sense of pride for us.”

OFM Assistant Principal, Joseph Castoro, was recently named Administrator of the Year by Council of Administrators and Supervisors. He was recognized by the Board and by Dr. Ianni for this incredible accomplishment. Mr. Castoro was recognized for his leadership, implementation of instructional technology, his passion for curriculum and development, and curriculum development.

“We are so fortunate to have the best administrator of the year here at Harborfields,” said Dr. Ianni.

A number of students were recognized for their high-scoring placements at the 2018 Suffolk County Regional DECA Competition. Students included Jack Blitch, Annika Browne, Lucas De Meo, Matthew Grover, Katherine Kennedy, Wade Leskody, Anthony Madigan, Simrah Malik, Katherine Paradise, Patrick Wilson, Daniel Polay, Matthew Rosenberg, Edward Serwan, Andrew Stefanac all qualified as regional finalists. Students Connor Fleming and Stephen Markowski received honorable mentions, and students Ryan Ackerman and Nathaniel Gegwich secured second place at this county-wide competition. Student Alison Matthews was recognized individually for her dedication and support in helping DECA students achieve success.

In addition, students were recognized for their performance at the Young Professionals Chamber of Commerce Emerging Leaders Business Competition. Matthew Grover and Samuel Liebman secured honorable mentions, and Katherine Paradise won second place.

A special recognition for eighth-grader Wyatt LaFountaine took place during the evening as well. Wyatt, whose chosen charity won the eighth-grade class’ vote to support through their annual Charity Challenge, was recognized by the Board for his dedication to the cause and bringing awareness to giving back. Wyatt’s chosen charity was myFace, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of patients with facial disfigurement.