Trashy Fashion at OMS

Trashy Fashion at OMS photo
Nigella Trinidad, an eighth grader at Oldfield Middle School in the Harborfields Central School District, was named a first-place winner in the Long Island Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Challenge. The category she won, Trashy Fashion, required students to create an outfit using at least two pieces of inorganic or electronic waste. Nigella used both candy foil and newspapers to create a dress that was designed in alignment with current trends. Along with physical aspects of the garment, like quality creativity of design, students were judged on essay questions submitted along with the garment, such as inspiration, challenges faced, and more.

Nigella won a $100 check from the Long Island FACS Professionals, and had her work displayed in the OMS library. Nigella aspires to be a fashion designer, and would like to attend FIT after graduating high school.

“I’ve loved fashion design for as long as I can remember,” said Nigella, “and it was so exciting to not only get to actually create one of my designs but to actually win an award for my design.”