Math 24 Night at TJL

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Recently, students from grades 3-5 were invited to Math 24 night, a tournament-style game night revolving around math problems. Over 80 students attended and participated using math skills they’ve learned in the classroom to solve each challenge.

25 Harborfields High School students volunteered their night to act as judges, and went through a mini-training prior to the event. The event, sponsored by the PTA, also gave out door prizes throughout the night. The night not only helped student sharpen their math skills, but was a lot of fun!

Trophies for first place:
Grade 3: Alec Gerde
Grade 4: Kate Kenrick
Grade 5: Emily Xie

Medal Winners
Grade 3: Brian Henry, Aiden Chen, Justin Henry
Grade 4: Rhys Walter, Christopher Palermo, Grey Wilkens
Grade 5: Bridget Hickey, Abby Buckley, Megan Condolff”