Freshman Forget First Day Jitters

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Incoming Harborfields High School students are starting a new season as they step their freshman year. To aid them in the process, HHS is continuing the implementation of the Buddy Program—upperclassmen volunteers who help incoming freshmen with the transition to high school. On Aug. 30, the students were guided by their assigned Buddies through the uncharted landscape of the school, schedules, lockers, and more.

“We’ve all been there—starting something new and feeling a bit nervous,” said new high school assistant principal Allison Joyce. “Providing our freshman with the opportunity to meet with upperclassman, form relationships, while getting those “first day jitters” out of the way helps them better prepare for what it’s going to be like here.”

Throughout the morning tour, buddies shared personal anecdotes with their group, covering everything from hallway-traffic in specific spots, to the course-load in biology.

“I remember how much my Buddy helped me during my first year of high school,” said HHS Meredith, who is now a volunteer in the program. “I want to be there for others the way my Buddy was there for me.”