Making Melodies at Oldfield Middle

Making Melodies at Oldfield Middle photo

Seventh graders at OMS tried their hands at learning the mountain dulcimer during the month of October. Learning this extremely accessible instrument enabled beginning musicians to learn the basics of making music, while challenging advanced musicians to build melodies, harmonies, and chords. Students had the opportunity to compose their own solos, to play duets, or collaborate and create rounds with other students. Each shared their solo composition with the class, as well as the title of the piece and the story behind it.

“This project was the first opportunity students had to create their own compositions,” said music teacher Ms. Jessica Lowenhar, “and it was wonderful to watch them express themselves creatively with what they learned in class.”

Both experienced and beginner musicians alike enjoyed experimenting with the mountain dulcimer. Some played multiple instruments already like the piano, clarinet and ukulele, while others had little to no musical experience at all.

“Working in groups to compose and play music together is different than playing sheet music that’s just been handed to us,” said Sydney, a seventh grader at OMS. “It was really cool.”