Honoring Veterans at TJL

Honoring Veterans at TJL photo

In honor of Veterans Day, Thomas J. Lahey Elementary hosted the Bring a Vet to School program on Nov. 8. This program, sponsored by Altice and in collaboration with the History Channel, allows schools to honor veterans by having them visit, showing appreciation for their service, and giving students the opportunity to ask them questions. Nine veterans were in attendance that day, and most of them were family members of students at TJL, including Mr. Eric Harris, a Persian Gulf War veteran, who was responsible for bringing the program to the school.

The veterans entered the school’s multipurpose room to reverent applause from everyone in attendance, expressing gratitude for their service. Students performed “You’re a Grand Old Flag,” accompanied by piano, for the veterans. Two by two, selected students read letters, poems and essays to thank the veterans for all they’ve done.

“Thank you for protecting our freedom,” read a letter from Mrs. Sheehan’s third-grade class. “You are so brave to risk your safety to protect ours, and we are so honored to have you with us.”

Veterans then dispersed to visit third-grade classrooms to engage in a Q&A time with the students, where they were asked questions about their time serving the country.

“We want our students to realize that Veterans Day is not just another day off,” said Principal Susan Kenny. “It’s an opportunity to show honor and respect to those who’ve given up so much to protect us.”