STEAM and Space Skittles

STEAM and Space Skittles photo
STEAM and Space Skittles photo 2
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Recently fifth-graders in Ms. Rebecca Turano’s class at TJL have been learning about and experimenting with gravity. In an engineering lab, students were challenged to create a spill-proof packaging for astronauts to eat Skittles or M&M’s in space. Students worked tirelessly until each of them accomplished the task—with only one tasty treat coming out at a time. Each student had slightly different approach, and used their given materials—things like tinfoil, wax paper, clear plastic and more—in unique ways.

Ms. Turano is always impressed by their dedication to completing these projects.

“My students are constantly asking when we’re going to work on a STEAM project,” said Ms. Turano. “They look forward to it, get excited by it, and are proud of what they have created and accomplished in the end.”