Holiday Spirit Booming at Thomas J. Lahey

Holiday Spirit Booming at Thomas J. Lahey photo

Students at TJL had the opportunity to play holiday classics using unconventional instruments called “boomwhackers” in music class during the month of December. Boomwhackers, hollow plastic tubes that are tuned to a musical pitch, are played just as their name suggests—creating a boom by whacking them on the floor.

Music teacher Mrs. Courtney Kassinger, who has been working with her students to help them perfect the art of sight-reading, taught students songs for Hanukkah earlier in the month, as well as the cultural significance behind each song. As Christmas approached, Mrs. Kassinger taught them holiday classics such “Let it Snow”, “Jingle Bells” and more, expounding on the stories behind them as well.

For example, students learned that Jingle Bells was originally written as a song for Thanksgiving but somehow became adopted as a Christmas classic. Students also learned that bells were used on sleighs to alert people that someone was approaching, and other interesting facts.

“I love learning about songs ‘behind the scenes’,” one student said during the lesson.

Students attempted playing simple songs like jingle bells, but were also put to the test with difficult compositions like portions of “the Nutcracker”, and left their classes humming seasonal songs and enjoying the buzz of holiday spirit.