Nickel Wars for a Good Cause

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Students enrolled in AP World History at Harborfields High School recently stepped up to make a difference in the world.

Groups of students who worked together to research non-governmental organizations presented and promoted humanitarian organizations to their classmates as if they were truly a part of the cause. Each class then voted on the organization that they believed did the most valuable work. Once each class had a selected organization, classes competed against each other in a “Nickel War,” attempting to raise the most money for their chosen causes.

The class that raised the largest amount of change chose to give the combined $400 to Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit organization that seeks to end human trafficking. Additionally, a local community business offered to match the classes’ combined funds, adding up to $800 to be given to the organization’s cause.

In addition to a moving presentation, students Gavin Storch and Ty Ellenbogen designed awareness bracelets for the cause, crafting each with a leather cord and a bronze ring, which both students wore during their presentation.

“I annually incorporate this project to help open our students’ eyes to the hardships in this world,” said social studies teacher Mrs. Michelle Da Silva. “We are so fortunate to live in the community we do, and it’s important to help students realize they can use their good fortune to help others.”