Hands on Social Studies at OMS

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In Mrs. Jennifer Klein’s social studies classes at Oldfield Middle School, each unit culminates with a performance task that helps them bring their textbook learned knowledge to life.

Earlier this winter, students learned about ancient Mesopotamia and were required to design a currency that represented important aspects of the Sumerian civilization. A winner from each class was selected by district administrators who served as “judges.” Students Charlotte Hasher, Ava Ciafaidoni, and Brian Muro were all chosen for their artwork and knowledge of Mesopotamian culture.

When learning about ancient Egypt, students learned how the Egyptians mummified people after death, and had the opportunity to perform a real mummification on an apple. Students even built tombs for their mummies.

Additionally, during the unit on Greece and Rome, students created mythology comic strips and dress as Greek deities, and built 3D models of certain aspects of Roman daily life and architecture. At the end of the school year, students will choose a civilization we have not studied and prove to their peers why it is considered a civilization.

“Integrating performance tasks truly helps students demonstrate their understanding of a unit,” said Mrs. Klein, “and they enjoy being able to physically create something to demonstrate that knowledge.”