Ambassadors for a Day at Thomas J. Lahey

Ambassadors for a Day at Thomas J. Lahey photo

On Feb. 27, students at Thomas J. Lahey traveled around the countries of the United Nations thanks to the “ambassadors” from Mr. Augustino Rettino and Ms. Susan Turrini’s fifth-grade classes.

In preparation for this day, students worked in groups and studied individual countries in the United Nations and were each declared an ambassador for that country. Students prepared materials like travel brochures, maps, and informational presentations about each country. On Feb. 27 the rest of the school, along with parents and loved ones, were invited to visit each country, try some of the local cuisine, and read about the culture, government, and more. Additionally, groups even performed readings and songs related to the United Nations.

“It was really cool learning about a country that I knew nothing about,” said TJL fifth-grader, Alex. “I learned that, in Japan, voice acting is a very popular career path…and that they use different kinds of utensils than we do to eat their meals.”