Math 24 Night


80 third, fourth, and fifth grade students from Thomas J. Lahey came back to school on a Friday night to play tournament-styled math games on March 22. Groups of four students faced off against each other, using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division to find a solution of 24 for each challenge. Throughout the night 24 donated door prizes were awarded to raffle winners.

Members of the HHS Match Club volunteered to act as judges. After arriving early for training, volunteers proctored each table of competing students.

Trophies for first place were awarded to third-grader Joey Serventi, fourth-grader Gavin Baron, and fifth-grader Rhys Walter.

Additional medal winners included:
Grade 3: Kelvin Semmes, Michael Palermo, Aiden Keenan
Grade 4: Brian Henry, Davis Howe, Alec Gerde
Grade 5: Anderson Soper, Talia Steinberg, Grey Wilkens

The night was a great success, thanks to the coordination of Mrs. Mayer and the sponsorship of the PTA, and the volunteering staff members, administration and parents!