Coders Compete in “Hackathon”

Coders Compete in “Hackathon” photo thumbnail117923
A team of eight cognizant coders from Oldfield Middle School competed in a “hackathon” held at Mineola Middle School on April 9. The OYO Hackathon, or Code Conquest, drew ten Long Island teams to compete in a series of sprint-like coding rounds. This event was held in collaboration with kidOYO, which is an educational platform used to teach students creative computing.

These rounds, tracked on large monitors for everyone to see, required team members to work together to correctly code projects to conquer territories on a shared map. Oldfield Middle’s team, coached by teachers Drew Lockwood and Mary-Lynn Karpenske, came in fourth place and are determined to return next year to take the gold.

“Our students are so interested in sharpening and mastering the computer science skills that they learn in the classroom,” said Mr. Lockwood, “and they continue to impress me daily with how quickly they’re advancing.”