Nation-wide WordMasters

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Recently a group of TJL fifth-graders that participate in the L.E.A.P. program placed third nationally in the 2018-19 WordMasters competition, with a cumulative score of 581 points out of a possible 600! This competition is a national vocabulary competition for students in grades 3-8 that encourages growth in vocabulary and verbal reasoning.

Third place students include Norene Miraglia, Angelina Fernandez, Jackson Dunham, Brendan Schmitt, Orion Yberg, Abigail Durham, Christopher Palermo, Rhys Walter & Talia Steinberg. Fifth-grader Jackson Dunham also earned individual highest honors in the overall competition with a perfect score in all three meets. The highest honors are reserved for students who place among the top 10-15 students in their division nationally.

Additionally, a group of fourth graders in the L.E.A.P program finished in the top ten of the WordMasters competition as well. These students include Paul DiPaolo, Alec Gerde, Lucas Johnson, K.C. Almstrom, Aileen Collins, Piper Greenberg, Aidan Greco, Jacob Lam, Grace Wingert & Brynn Gerde. Pier and Aidan tied for first place and were our grade 4 medal winners.

Way to go students!