Holocaust Survivor Visits OMS


Eighth graders at Oldfield Middle School in the Harborfields Central School District recently attended a lecture given by Pearl Rosen, Holocaust survivor and grandmother to Oldfield 8th grader Ben Rosen. For the second year in a row, Ms. Rosen spoke with students about the horrors of the Holocaust and the triumph of the human spirit as she witnessed them. Over the course of two days, she discussed her experiences and answered questions from the students.

Ms. Rosen was born and raised in Vizhnitza, Romania. After providing a brief history of Stalin and Hitler’s impact on the region, their nonaggression pacts, and the invasion of Romania in 1939, Ms. Rosen detailed her experiences living and surviving in the ghetto where she and her family were forced to live. Throughout the presentation, Ms. Rosen explained how she felt lucky to have been given the opportunities which helped her survive. Finally, she emphasized how proud she felt to be able to come and speak to the students, and encouraged them to speak up and protect one another when they see injustice.