The Harborfields Central School District’s Board of Education adopted a resolution at its Oct. 2 meeting to present a bond proposal to the greater community for vote on Tuesday, Dec. 3.   

The majority of projects proposed in the new bond referendum are basic infrastructure upgrades such as replacing outdated boilers, repairing cracked sidewalks, improving fresh air intake and replacing deteriorating ceiling and lighting fixtures. Not only have many of these systems exceeded their useful lifespan, but they are no longer compliant to code. 

With an increased focus on student and staff safety, a number of security enhancements are also included in the proposal, including the construction of security vestibules at every school. Original doors and hardware will also be replaced to enhance building security. 

The proposal includes a number of academic improvements for students, including the renovation of school libraries at Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School, Oldfield Middle School and Harborfields High School. The new spaces will provide students with modern resources, flexible furniture for group collaboration and the latest in educational technology. A new general science classroom will also be added at Thomas J. Lahey.

A number of physical education and athletic enhancements are also included in the proposal, such as the construction of a new play area at Washington Drive Primary School, and the renovation of the South Gym and the installation of a synthetic turf field at the high school.

The cost of the proposed bond is $20,057,453. If approved, residents will realize a decrease in school taxes of approximately $150 a year. This is due to the fact that the district has approximately $52.7 million in debt that will be retiring in 2021 and 2023 from the bond used to construct Washington Drive Primary School. The “new debt” associated with this new proposal would essentially “replace” a portion of the old debt. 

Residents are encouraged to visit the district’s website,, for detailed information on the proposal, including specific financial information. More information will also be sent to residents in the coming months. 

“I thank the community for its input and participation thus far,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Francesco Ianni. “After holding numerous community forums on this topic, we are excited to move forward with a public vote on this proposal. It addresses critical infrastructure needs within the district and allows us to continue our mission of providing a world-class education for our students, one child at a time.”

The vote is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 3 from 2-9 p.m. at Oldfield Middle School.