Nine Harborfields High School students have been selected to perform in one of four ensembles at the NYSCAME All-County Music Festival in November.

NYSCAME All-County is composed of the highest-scoring NYSSMA musicians across Suffolk County. These outstanding students, along with other top ranked musicians, will be taking participating in three intensive rehearsal sessions that culminate with a concert in November. 

All-County Orchestra:
Evangelea Andreadis, Viola 
Everett Borman, Violin 1
Hope Lusby, Violin 1

All-County Band:
Victoria Bell, Trumpet/Cornet
Jared Buchholtz, Trumpet/Cornet 

Mixed Chorus:
Julia Perz, Soprano 1
Treble Chorus:
Olivia Freiberger, Soprano 1
Angeline Miraglia, Alto 2
Jennifer Mittelman, Alto 2