Harborfields High School musicians had a busy schedule this month planning visits to Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School and Mitchel Field Athletic Complex in Garden City. 

On Oct. 15, the high school’s marching band and kickline team joined 13 bands from across Long Island to perform in the annual Newsday Marching Band Festival. 

“We are so grateful for the participation and dedication of our marching band and kickline members, and we’re very proud of their performance,” the band’s Director Allison Scilla said. 

Hot on the heels of that performance, on Oct. 24, the musicians paid a visit to Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School, where they performed alongside the kickline team during a series of assemblies designed to educate the younger students about the arts and promote the district’s music program. Some of the elementary school students even learned some kickline moves. 

“We were thrilled to be able to share the excitement and magic of homecoming week by performing for the students and staff at TJL,” Ms. Scilla said. 

Additionally, on Oct. 24, a group of high school musicians joined their elementary school counterparts at TJL to partake in the Musicians Helping Musicians program.

The high school musicians worked side-by-side with fifth graders in band and orchestra and offered them a glimpse into their futures as high school students. 

Nick Rinaldi, the elementary school’s orchestra teacher and founder of the Musicians Helping Musicians program, said, “I hope this is the first of many such opportunities to bring these two groups together.”