Students at Washington Drive celebrate World Kindness Day

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Students at Washington Drive Primary School were encouraged to wear yellow on Nov. 13 in support of World Kindness Day. 

At an assembly on Nov. 12, students learned that they can show kindness in many different ways as they watched a video of author and illustrator Diane Alber read her book, “A Little SPOT of Kindness,” aloud. 

Afterwards, students were eager to raise their hand and share with their classmates how they planned to show kindness throughout the day. Some students said that they would say “hello,” to other students in the hallway, whereas others said that sharing, being polite, helping others and even apologizing are all acts of kindness. 

Assistant Principal Kerri Neira was inspired by Ms. Alber’s book and gave each of the students a yellow sticker to wear on the back of their hands that would remind them to be kind. 

“Sometimes it’s hard to remember to be kind,” she said. “Put a spot on your hand. Every time you spot it, be kind.”