It started with a simple request, but what Washington Drive Primary School wound up receiving was more than expected. On Nov. 25, Home Depot paid a visit to Kelly Lewis’ classroom to hand deliver three sensory boards that they had constructed for the students. 

Originally, Ms. Lewis had only requested that the Commack-based supply store donate the materials and supplies needed to build the sensory boards, but she said, “Home Depot went above and beyond.”

Nine students burst with excitement as the store’s managers, Robin Pacheco and Taneka Braithwaite, fitted them with orange Home Depot aprons, which they wore with pride as they explored the sensory boards, fitted with screws, doorknockers, wheels, calculators, and more. 

The boards will be used daily in Ms. Lewis’ sensory area to help calm the students when they need a break from classroom activities. Additionally, Ms. Lewis added that the boards are a great tool to help improve the students fine motor skills.