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Gingerbread houses a huge hit at Washington Drive

Gingerbread houses a huge hit at Washington Drive photo thumbnail146689

Icing, gumdrops and graham crackers brought Melissa Moccaldi’s gingerbread-themed lesson to a close on Dec. 16.

Parents squatted next to their kindergartners at Washington Drive Primary School as they spread globs of vanilla icing across sheets of graham crackers to build a gingerbread house, topped with sprinkles and candy canes. Next to the houses, many children built snowmen out of marshmallows, chocolate chips and pretzels. 

The family fun activity was the culmination of a week-long lesson where students read gingerbread man-themed books, disguised gingerbread men as other characters like Spiderman and Harry Potter, and designed gingerbread houses out of construction paper to hang outside their classroom. 
The gingerbread houses were not only a fun thing to create in their classroom but also a delicious treat to enjoy at home for the holidays.