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Students get inside look at Harborfields music programs

Students get inside look at Harborfields music programs  thumbnail161501
On Jan.14, second grade students and parents from Washington Drive Primary School descended on Harborfields High School's auditorium to learn about instrumental music opportunities.  
K-12 Music Department Coordinator Dan Bilawsky, with the help of music faculty members Laura Pomerantz, Courtney Kassinger, Cathy Ferraro and Allison Scilla, spoke at length about the orchestra and band programs at the Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School and beyond.  
Students then had an opportunity to see and hear the instruments in action, as Harborfields High School musicians demoed them for the students.  This event served as an introduction to the instrumental program and a bridge to a world of possibilities that await these students.  
"It's our pleasure and our mission to give our students and parents an education about all of the tremendous opportunities we provide through our music programs," Mr. Bilawsky said.