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LISFA 2020-2021 Accepted Students

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More than 30 Harborfields music students at the secondary level were recognized this spring by the Long Island String Festival Association. These students, selected on the basis of musical achievement, would normally take part in an honors ensemble performance but in light of this year's unique and challenging circumstances, they were afforded the opportunity to participate in some unique workshops instead. LISFA coordinated programs covering fiddle music, jazz and improvisation for strings, pop music for strings and master class-style coaching for high school students.

"Harborfields's high number of LISFA honor selectees and participants is a clear sign of the tremendous work that our music students and teachers are doing," K-12 Music Department Coordinator Dan Bilawsky said. "It's but one of many signs that our string program remains incredibly strong."

Congratulations to the below students on this impressive achievement! 


Harborfields High School

Breckyn Beechey

Orla Cummaford-Roberts

Sofia Cuti

Aidan Doctor

Alexandra Ebanks

Emelie Hochwald

Christopher Hummel

Joseph LaSpisa

Angeline Miraglia

Hannah Pomerantz

Lindsay Sung

Camryn Taylor

Connor Tom


Oldfield Middle School

Celia Ancona

Adeline Chunton

Harry Diner

Michelle Diner

Jackson Dunham

Alexis Ebanks

Shea Flynn

Alec Gerde

Brynn Gerde

Elena LaSpisa

Skylar McDougal

Norene Miraglia

Brooke Palmer

Samantha Plosky

Brendan Schmitt

Ava Vandor

Violet Vutrano

Rhys Walter