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Senior Musicians Final Number

Harborfields student musicians performing on the front lawn of Harborfields High School. thumbnail188059

On June 9, the Harborfields Music Department was able to give its graduating senior musicians a proper sendoff with an outdoor lawn concert at Harborfields High School. 

"As we neared the final months of this school year, it was apparent that there were still too many logistical and safety issues preventing us from bringing back concerts at all levels," shared K-12 Music Department Coordinator Dan Bilawsky. "But we felt very strongly that our seniors shouldn't graduate without having the opportunity to perform one last time, so we turned our attention to that population."    

With that thought in mind, the high school's music faculty, including Mr. Bilawsky, Ms, Scilla, Ms Jackson and Mr. Antonelli, banded together to bring the idea to fruition. The String Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Concert Choir, Vocal Ensemble, Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band, which featured seniors and students from other grades, each had the opportunity to perform for a small audience on the front lawn of Harborfields High School in a marathon event that ran till sundown. 

"It was a beautiful evening filled with wonderful music," Mr. Bilawsky said. "After 18 months without concerts, it was a breath of fresh air to be able to perform for parents and loved ones again."