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Students Encourage Others to ‘Have a Heart’

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In early March, students from Oldfield Middle School celebrated Anti-Violence Day, sponsored by the school’s Character Education Committee. Throughout the day, each grade level attended a special assembly during which members of the Tornadoes Listening and Caring program discussed how they could help their fellow peers if a problem arises. “We want you to know that we are here to help,” said one TLC member.

The assemblies featured the winners of the school’s Have a Heart contest, which challenged students to submit a creative piece centered on that theme. Congratulations to the following winners:

Grade 6
First place – Julia Perz
Second place – Lillian Cordes
Third place – Samantha Sangiovanni

Grade 7
First place – Kelly Ferguson
Second place – Jade Cheung Becker
Third place – Megan Sulinski

Grade 8
First place – David Brown
Second place – Allison Limberg
Third place – Jamie McArthur

The Anti-Violence Day assembly also showcased a dynamic performance of Mariah Carey’s “Hero,” sung by Samantha Becker and Julia DeVita. The duo wowed the audience with their rendition, as both Julia and Samantha, who is autistic, performed flawlessly.

An anonymous essay written by an Oldfield Middle School student was then read about the need to eradicate bullying, gossip and labeling of others. “Labels – our lives are filled with labels. We need to take them off and open our eyes. Why does there have to be separation because people are different?” the student wrote. “Bullying is all over the country, but maybe we can be the one school that shines through and tries to make a difference.”