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Preparing for the New School Year

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In preparation for the start of the 2014-2015 school year, the district opened its doors the week prior to the first academic school day, welcoming parents and students into the district’s school buildings.

Kicking off the week, members of the Harborfields faculty, administration and PTSA gathered to greet incoming high school students at the district’s annual ninth grade orientation on August 25. Attendees were introduced to Harborfields High School Principal Dr. Rory Manning who addressed parents and students about new challenges and expectations freshmen students can anticipate during their next four years of high school.

Freshmen were encouraged to attend the Harborfields High School Buddy Program that took place the next day. More than 100 upperclassmen volunteered their time to show their new peers around the building, offer advice and answer questions.

“The Buddy Program gives our incoming ninth-grade students an opportunity to meet with older high school students,” Dr. Manning said. “The upperclassmen walk through their ninth grade buddy’s schedule and provide valuable information from a student perspective.”

In addition to the high school orientation, students of Washington Drive Primary School, Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School, and Oldfield Middle School were invited to visit and walk the halls of their school building prior to the first day of school.