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Model Schools Program Administrator Award

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Harborfields High School Principal Dr. Rory Manning was recently named 2014-15 Western Suffolk BOCES Model Schools Program Administrator Award winner for his effective leadership and commitment to the growth of instructional technology in the district.

Since Dr. Manning began his tenure as principal in July 2012, he immediately spearheaded the high school’s use of educational technology. Focused by a driving vision of innovation and improvement, Dr. Manning’s commitment to the infusion of instructional technology into all aspects of the educational experience inspired the development of various programs.

Harborfields High School Assistant Principal Dr. Jami Goldstein Scherr wrote in her nomination report, “Dr. Manning’s 21st-century vision of education has taken our learning community to new heights as we continue to perform and achieve at the levels of the educational powerhouse that is synonymous with a Harborfields education.”