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Creativity Brought to Life

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In an effort to inspire entrepreneurship and creativity, eighth-grade students in Oldfield Middle School recently participated in the 2015 Long Island Family and Consumer Sciences Challenge.

Under the advisement of family and consumer science teacher Christy Roxo, students developed a product to submit in either the “It’s Not Easy Being Green” or “Masters of Invention” challenge. Selected from all the school’s applicants, Oldfield Middle School student Matt Miller won the grand prize for his “Manplow” in the “Masters of Invention” category, which he built with a golf bag cart and shovel to help manually lift snow. Sabrina Ventre was the winner for her iPod jewelry tray made completely from recycled iPod boxes in the “It’s Not Easy Being Green” challenge.

On May 14, Miller and Ventre were recognized at the LI FACS Challenge Student Reception at the H. Frank Carey Junior-Senior High School in Franklin Square, where they each received a cash prize of $100 for their hard work and creativity.

“This is a great exercise if they ever want to be self employed or entrepreneurs in the future,” said Roxo.