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Combining Cultural Cuisines

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The Oldfield Middle School cafeteria was a melting pot of cultures with students, their families and staff gathered to share their favorite cultural dishes, customs and performances during the annual Multicultural Food Festival.

Guests at the event sampled traditional dishes that represented various countries such as Italy, Greece, Ireland and Latin America. While satisfying their taste buds, attendees had the opportunity to purchase raffles tickets and were entertained with musical performance by OMS students.

To kick off the event, sixth-grade students Anna Gosselin, Riley Maguire and Lily Storm sang “The Star Spangled Banner,” followed by eighth-grader Samantha Becker singing her rendition of the Italian song, “Caro Mio Ben.” To conclude the evening’s entertainment, eight-grader Thomas Flanagan, accompanied by Katie Mohlman, sang “Act My Age” by One Direction.