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Cultivating Culture

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It was a weeklong celebration of language, culture and traditions as students at Oldfield Middle observed LOTE (Languages Other Than English) Foreign Language Week.  

Each day of the week offered a new theme to celebrate. Coordinated by language teacher Therese Kennedy, students participated in various activities and presentations that honored the countries Spain, Italy, France and the United States. Additionally, a day was dedicated to recognizing the students’ heritage.

On Italian Day, students received a visit from performers and teacher Marylou Romano of Coro D’Italia, a nonprofit community-based organization dedicated to preserving the Italian American culture through dance and songs. Dressed in traditional Italian clothing, students were educated on the culture and history of Italy. They also tried their hand at playing the drums and learned about Italian dance.

During the school’s Spanish Day fiesta, Latin dance professional Maria Loreta Celitan led a lesson on the Salsa and Merengue dance styles.