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District Holds Internet Safety Program

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In an effort to educate and protect students from the dangers of the digital age, families gathered at Oldfield Middle School on Nov. 2 for the district’s first internet safety program.

Hosted by Principal Joanne Giordano and assistant principals Joseph Castoro and Tara Falasco, the event featured a presentation from the guidance department, dean Jeffrey Shade, school psychologist Dr. Mary Aristilde, Officer Corbett and a parent. The program focused on keeping students safe online and touched upon cyberbullying, cyber arguments, apps, trends and the importance of checking social media. Officer Corbett informed family members of the laws; that children could be held accountable for their actions online. In addition, family members were given talking points that they could go over with their children to keep them safe.

Giordano stressed that internet safety needs to happen not only in school but outside the classroom as well. “We need parents help,” said Giordano. “We encourage them to support each other and build those bonds to keep our students safe.”